About Us

Metal Fabrication for Commercial and Residential Projects

The first thing you need to know about us: We are 100% committed to quality.

While we specialize in stainless steel fabrication for kitchens, bars and other custom steel solutions, our main focus is on quality material, workmanship and functionality. There are hundreds of different styles out there that may look great on the showroom floor, but most are manufactured using poor materials or lack efficient functionality.

We guarantee that when your project is in our hands, it will be fabricated with quality materials to meet your unique functional requirements. And when we hand your finished product back to you, you will be satisfied that you’ve gotten what you’ve paid for.

Fabrication Services

Before we became Townsville Stainless Steel, we were Stephen Fry Sheet Metal. But just because our name says stainless steel doesn’t mean that’s all we do. Our scope also encompasses aluminium and general sheet metal fabrication for commercial and residential projects.

Products we service include:

Satisfied Customers

Satisfied customers who have engaged Townsville Stainless Steel include:

  • Dalrymple Trade Training at Charters Towers
  • Brandy’s Restaurant
  • Crown on Palmer
  • Townsville Brewery
  • The Bank Niteclub
  • Balcony Restaurant
  • Chico Rio
  • Heritage Bar
  • Mad Cow Tavern
  • Flynn’s Irish Bar
  • Fish Inn
  • Ming’s House
  • The Stunned Mullet
  • 1300SMILES Stadium
  • Outrigger Reef Resort Fiji

Our Process

Part of our commitment to customer satisfaction is a healthy respect for your time. When you call us we ask two questions up front:

  • What do you need?
  • When do you need it?

From there, it’s just a matter of fulfilling your requirements. Not only in terms of workmanship, but time and budget.

To ensure we get the job done right the first time, we:

  1. Go onsite to evaluate your project and brainstorm ideas that meet your vision
  2. Provide at least one sketch or drawing, as required. An initial sketch demonstrates we understand your vision. A formal drawing demonstrates that we can fulfil that vision. Our philosophy is: “If we can’t draw it, we can’t make it.” View a sample drawing. If you already have a drawing from your architect or shop fitter, we can work off that.
  3. A quote is provided only after we’ve assessed that we can fulfil the job to your satisfaction.
  4. We provide pick up, delivery or installation services.

We respect your business, your trust, your time and your budget. When you work with Townsville Stainless Steel, you get what you pay for. Guaranteed.

Don’t settle for poor materials, poor design and poor workmanship.

Call us today for a free consultation. We look forward to speaking with you. 07 4779 1113